Justin Neely, Patient

I have been a client of Yasushi Suzuki for more than five years, benefiting enormously from the service he provides in acupuncture, massage, and healing. His able management of my condition has restored me from state in which I could barely work at a desk and was in nearly constant pain to a place where I am engaging in rigorous daily athletic activity.

During the course of my treatment, I have come to respect not only Mr. Suzuki’s skill in those techniques in which he's been trained , but also his overall professionalism and extreme reliability. I first learned about his practice from an online posting about his success in treating an injured yoga teacher. I was so impressed by what I read that I contacted him for an appointment.

From the first consultation, Mr. Suzuki established a rapport with me by listening to my specific complaints and explaining a realistic, long-term prognosis for what he thought he might be able to accomplish. Mr. Suzuki built my confidence by establishing goals that he could deliver on in a timely way and then exceed. Within two months, I had begun to recommended him to my friends and business colleagues. I am glad to say that I have heard nothing but positive reviews from members of four separate households who called him.

He built an enthusiastic following and developed a thriving practice by consistently extending himself for clients at what must be the expense of his personal convenience. He is punctual and flexible in scheduling , as well as available for consultation in times of crisis. Yasushi Suzuki is dedicated to the success of his practice, efficient and innovative in his methods, and personally a pleasure to know. I have recommended him so often, including imposing on him to journey two hours to treat my own mother in a time of extreme need, that I say with complete confidence that he would be an invaluable contributor to any seminar dedicated to successful business development.

Dr. Rosalyn Baumrind, Certified Clinical Psychologist,

It was my good fortune to be introduced to Mr. Yasushi Suzuki by a good friend of mine who was concerned about my body pain. Most of it was arthritic, but I had injuries to my neck, knees, and shoulders as well. For me, Mr. Suzuki has been a miracle worker. Severe back and neck pain has been reduced to negligible and is mostly not present. My knees are now without pain except when climate is humid and rainy.

Mr. Suzuki has achieved this with Shiatsu massage and acupuncture. He excels in both modalities. Moreover, he has an intuitive grasp of the body, as well as being a highly trained and experienced professional. He seems to know where my body needs work, even without any direction from me. His acupuncture technique involves no pain at all. With massage, he is a magician — accomplishing pain resolution with miraculous success.

He has truly helped to improve my quality of life, and I believe has prolonged it. If you are lucky enough to become his client, it is a gift.